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MEMS 1 (ENME 489F/808K)

This course is taught every Fall and is open to both undergraduate and graduate students in all engineering and science departments. I will not be teaching it in Fall 2008; it will be taught by Prof. DeVoe. The description below is only for the course as I teach it. This course presents a broad overview of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and microfabrication technologies. Both traditional and emerging microfabrication techniques for microsensors, microactuator, and nanotechnology are introduced. (3 credits) There are 2.5 hours of lecture per week, plus 4 required labs of 2-3 hours each spread throughout the semester (every 3 weeks); the labs are taught in the teaching laboratory of the Nanocenter’s FabLab in the Kim Building. This is a demanding course aimed at students who would like to either get a job in the MEMS field or to continue on to graduate school in this area.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Introduction to transducers and markets.
  • MEMS fabrication processes and materials, including bulk micromachining, wet etching, dry etching, surface micromachining, sacrificial layers, film deposition, bonding, and non-traditional micromachining.
  • Introduction to the relevant solid state physics, including crystal lattices, band structure, semiconductors, and doping.
  • In the laboratory, students fabricate a cantilever beam. The laboratory covers safety, photolithography, profilometry, and wet etching.

For further information, see:

A short version of the syllabus for Fall 2007.

MEMS 2 (ENME 489G/808L, no longer offered)

In this course, students fabricated the devices they designed in MEMS 1. This gave students hands-on experience in the clean room with a variety of fabrication techniques and equipment.

For further information, see:

A short version of the syllabus for Spring 2007.

Statistical Methods for Product and Processes Development (ENME 392)

This course covers the fundamentals of probability and statistics. This will be done through lectures, homework assignments, and a project.

For further information, see:

A short version of the syllabus for Spring 2008.

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